Retreat Volunteer Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the people of Retreat and Navarro County, through a broad program of service directed towards public education, prevention, and control in the areas of fire, rescue, man-made, and natural disasters.


The Retreat V.F.D. was organized on October 3rd, 1976, as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. The founding fathers were Derward George, T.P. Penny, C.S. Burr, Mike Richardson, Joe Evans, Tommy Baumgartner, J.F. Brown, Jimmy McCamey, Dale McAdor, E.E. Christie, and O.J. Skinner. The first truck, a 1968 1 1/4 ton Kiser Jeep received from the Texas Forest Service, came to be known as Snoopy. The City of Retreat built a one-bay station to house the brush truck.


Retreat VFD has grown from a one-bay building to a six-bay building. In January 2007 we retired Snoopy but we have added a few of his friends to our department too. Unit 4951 is a 1-ton Chevy brush truck named Woodstock. We also received this truck from the Texas Forest Service. Unit 4952 is a Ford F450 quick-attack truck named Charlie Brown. We received this truck through the Texas House Bill 2604.  Unit 4961 is a Type I 6000 gallon Oshkosh tanker. 4980, Linus, is our Engine.  Lastly 4990 , Lucy, is a Chevy Suburban to be used as a Command Vehicle.

Thanks to all the founders and those who served in the past and present. If it was not for all your hard work, we would not be a successful department today.