Brush / Search and Rescue
Entry Date: 2018
2007 Polaris 6×6

2 Man Crew, Qtac 85s Slip in Unit 85-gallon, welded-copolymer tank, max-73 GPM pump with a 2.1-horsepower Honda GHX50 engine, 50-feet of 3/4″ hose. Scotty Nozzle Foam unit.  This unit is removable for using the unit in search and rescue

4951 – “Wood Stock”

Type VI Fire Engine
Entry Date: 2020
1987 Chevy 4×4 1.25 Ton (Single Axle)

3 Man Crew, 250 GPM Hale Pump, 300 Gallon Water Tank, Front Mounted Spray, 150′ Booster Reel, 1″ Forestry Hose, Axe, Pulaski, Bolt Cutters, Fence Repair Equipment, Hi-Lift Jack, Spare 1 1/2″ Hose

This Chassis was acquired from the Texas Forestry Service. The bulk of the labor to place this apparatus in service was donated by the dedicated members of the Retreat Volunteer Fire Department.


4952 – “Charlie Brown”

Type V Fire Engine
Entry Date: 2005
2005 Ford F-450 4×4 1 1/2 ton

2 Man Crew, 250 GPM Hale Pump, 400 Gallon Water Tank, 15 Gallon Class A Foam Cell, 150′ 1 1/2″ Pre-Connected Hose, 150′ 1″ Booster Reel, Receiver Mounted Winch, Spare 1 1/2″ Hose, 2 1/2″ Hose, Hard Suction Hose, Suction Strainer, 2 SCBA, 2 Spare Cylinders, Turbo Flare LED Landing Lights, Scene Lights, Medical Bag, Tarp, Traffic Cones, Axe, Pulaski, Fire Broom, Scoop Shovel, Broom, Bolt Cutters, Pike Pole, Flash Lights, Combination Ladder, Fire Rake, Extra Nozzles

The Chassis was acquired from Texas House Bill 2604 and was built by Neel Fire Protection Apparatus, INC in Waco, TX.

4961 – “Big Bertha”

Type I Water Tender
Entry Date: 2009
1991 Oshkosk Tanker

2 Man Crew, 750 GPM Pump, 6000 Gallon Water Tank, Pump has 8 Discharges (Five 2 1/2″, Two 1 1/2″ pre-connected and One 5″ Storz), 250′ of 2 1/2″ Hose, 300′ of LDH 5″ Storz, Two 150′ 1 1/2 pre-connect hoses, scene lights, and ground monitor.

4980 – “Linus”

Type I Fire Engine
Entry Date: 2019
2019 International

5 Man Crew, 1250 GPM Pump, 3000 Gallon Water Tank, Thermal Imaging Device, Foam, 1″ Foam Enductor, Lancier Hydraulic Rescue Tools (Simultaneous Compact Hydraulic Power Unit, Cuter, Spreaders, Rescue Ram, Chain Set), Auto Crib, Paratech Highway Vehicle Stabilization Kit, Traffic Cones, Scene Lights, RIT Pack, 3 SCBA’s, Spare Cylinders, Hydrant Bag, Hose Adapters, Hydrant Valve, Extinguisher, 24″ PPV Fan, Pike Pole, Extension Ladder, Roof Ladder, 5″ Hard Suction Hose, Tarp, Axe, Pulaski, Hooligan Tool, AED, Medical Bag.

4990 – “Lucy”

Command Vehicle
Entry Date: 2014
1998 Chevy Suburban

5 Man Crew, Medical Bag